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Blog Post March 2023

Make sure you check out our affiliate Ace Plumbing

So, tell us about Ace Plumbing

The owner of Ace Plumbing, Jack Devetten was born in Calgary and came into the plumbing industry through his father who was also a plumber and often in need of an extra pair of hands. From an early age he learned about the special nuances of Calgary weather and its effects on plumbing and heating systems. He formalized his skills in the 1980’s and became a red seal plumber. He worked in the industry in different projects from commercial to residential.

He felt he was best suited for the portion of the industry that deals with residential customers. He always believed that customers should not only receive the service they expect but should also have solid warranties, and background checked technicians in uniforms so they are easily identifiable. He believed that customers should not only be satisfied with the work done, they should be happy about it. That is where Ace Plumbing’s Happy Today or You Don’t Pay promise came from.

What can customers rely on from Ace Plumbing?

Ace Plumbing is the go to for plumbing emergency service. We are fast, knowledgeable and efficient. That means our clients’ emergencies are solved quickly and permanently so they can go on with their lives.

What makes us unique?

Our Happy Today or You Don’t Pay promise gives our clients the peace of mind knowing they will be happy with the work we do for them. No other company can or will promise that!

What should every customer know about Ace Plumbing?

We want every client to feel like we have taken care of their plumbing or heating issue and feel confident that the repair or installation we have done for them has solved their problem and they know they can count on us if there is ever an issue.

At Blackstone Refinishing, we highly recommend Ace Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. If you have a plumbing emergency, the experts at Ace-Plumbing will take the stress out of emergency.