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Is your tub and tile outdated, or just dull and lifeless?

Tub and tile refinishing is a cost effective alternative to upgrade your outdated tub and tile surround. Blackstone Refinishing can refinish your tub and tile without you breaking the bank on an expensive bathroom renovation. We use only materials and products that have been field tested and have been proven to withstand the many conditions your tub and tile can be exposed to. Providing the substrate behind the tile is solid, the tile can be refinished.

Is your grout discolored or falling out of your ceramic tile?

Our cleaning process will take care of the discolored grout lines. During our preparation process, all missing grout is replaced before the tile is refinished.

Tub and Tile Refinishing

Is both cost effective and convenient, as you do not get into a full scale bathroom renovation and no mess to live with. You are also helping the environment by reducing waste in the landfills. Typically, tub and tile refinishing in a bathroom can be completed in one day with a return visit for about an hour and a half the next day to install new silicone, install the drain, and cleanup.

Another environmentally friendly and cost saving service that helps in keeping renovation and construction materials out of the landfill.

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