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Walk-in-tubs in Calgary have become extremely popular and necessary, along with other bathing accessories such as tub-to- shower conversions, grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, bath lifts, transfer benches and safety seats. Walk-in-tubs are installed in retirement homes, assisted care facilities, hospitals, and in your home. As walk-in-tub’s popularity has increased in the past few years, so have the installation costs, in many cases making them unaffordable.

Baby Boomers are now beginning to retire and most have mobility issues, resulting in an increase in bathroom injuries due to falling when entering or leaving the bathtub. Arthritis, joint pain, back pain, and general body aches and pains, are but a few issues seniors and those with disabilities face every day when bathing, thereby creating some very serious safety concerns, and a whole new walk-in-tub industry in recent years.

Not everyone can afford to spend $5000.00 – $25,000 for a supplied and installed walk-in-tub and as a result, are faced with some hard and possibly quite life-changing choices. One of these choices is having to move out of the home, which as been a safe environment for many years if not a lifetime, and moving into a seniors assisted care facility, resulting in the loss of freedom and independence. This can also result in future health challenges.

There are other cost effective options available, and Blackstone Refinishing, one of Alberta’s most experienced tub-to-shower installers, can help. Since 2007, we have installed the innovative Walk In Tub Door and our tub- to- shower conversion system, giving seniors and individuals with disabilities their freedom and independence by providing them with safe access to the bathtub area when bathing or showering, all done without the expense of a full bathroom renovation.

Blackstone Refinishing can convert your existing bathtub into a walk-in-tub by installing a tub door, giving you the best of both worlds and providing safe and easy access to your bathtub. By working with your existing tub we are all reducing our footprint on the environment by reducing the amount of waste brought to the landfills as a result of renovating. Our installations are generally completed in one day.

Our Walk-In-Tub Doors

1. Manufactured from tough durable components

2. Install quickly and easily

3. No need to renovate the entire bathroom.

4. Available in a variety of sizes to fit your bathtub

5. Enjoy a full length bath and a full length shower

6. Available for left or right hand drain

7. Great value at prices starting from $1599.00 plus tax.

8. Our process is reversible in most cases, should one decide to sell the home

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