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Need help with your bathtub, or searching for a bathtub refinisher. Our bathtub help section will provide some answers to your questions.
Our bathtub help section provides a few helpful resources related to bathtub refinishing. Check out our frequently asked question section below.
Learn more about Blackstone Refinishing in our bathtub help section.

In our bathtub help section, we provide ideas, along with some affordable & safe bathing solutions.

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Sending pictures by email or text is a great tool to help your refinisher provide an accurate quote.

There really is no such thing as a standard tub. They come in all shapes and sizes, such as steel and cast iron tubs, plastic and vinyl tubs. Fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs are very popular as well as a variety of cultured marble bathtubs configured into jet and soaker tubs. The more information the refinisher has, the more accurate your quote will be.

Finally, check out the companies you are interviewing and ask questions.

If you need more bathtub help we list a few reputable local companies that can provide you more reliable information on most renovation issues.

Blackstone Refinishing provides you with options to a messy bathroom renovation, that can take weeks and cost thousands.

Blackstone Refinishing can transform your bathroom

Hard to keep clean surfaces on tubs, sinks, and vanity tops are unhealthy. They can be an eye sore to your guests and lower the value of your home. Refinishing will give them a smooth, glossy finish within a matter of hours.

Bathtub FAQ's

The bathtub refinish process is a time tested technique. Developed over many years of testing by experienced professionals. It is important for your refinisher to understand the chemistry behind the process. They can explain the process to you. Finally, all compounds used, will chemically bond to the original surface through a chemical reaction. The new finish then become a permanent part of the original surface.

1. Cost to refinish a tub?

This totally depends on your location. In the Calgary area you can expect to pay between $ 500.00 and 0.00 for a high quality tub refinish. Blackstone Refinishing includes everything in one price without any surprise cost over runs at the end of the refinishing process

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The finish on a tub lasts longer if you don’t use harsh chemicals to clean it. You should never use abrasive cleaning products like steel wool or scouring pads because these will scratch the surface of the tub. Instead, use mild soap and water to wash away any dirt and grime. Don’t use bathmats with suction cups, or use a brush that has bristles made out of wire. This could damage the finish.

3. How durable is the finish?

The coating on a cast iron or metal tub is baked at a temperature of about 1700 Fahrenheit.  The refinishing process is a chemical cure process. Currently the best option, and still the best alternative if applied correctly.

4. Can I refinish my own tub?

In short, yes. DIY bathtub refinishing kits are available at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Home Hardware, Rona, Lowes and many other paint and hardware stores in the Calgary area. The problem is, you do not have the right training. You will need all the equipment a professional tub refinisher has at his or her disposal. Without a proper ventilation system and safety equipment, the fumes are dangerous to your health.  Finally, you are already saving 1000’s of dollars on a remodel. Get a professional, you’ll be glad you did!

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First of all, to replace something you must first remove something. A renovation is messy and can be inconvenient. Costs for replacing a bathtub can range from $4,500 – $10,000. A renovation can take one to two weeks or longer to complete. Refinishing generally takes less than one day and will save at least 70% vs. replacement.

6. What bathroom surfaces can be refinished ?

Our refinishing system works beautifully on, porcelain bathtubs, sinks, fiberglass tubs  and showers. Ceramic tile, clawfoot tubs, kitchen cabinets, cultured marble counter tops, shower bases, can also be refinished.

7. Is the new finish the same as the original finish ?

No. Porcelain surfaces are baked at temperatures up to 1700 F. That is why the surfaces are so hard and scrub resistant. In contrast, it is impossible to heat any new coatings at those temperatures  in your home.  Unlike factory baked finishes, ours is a chemical cure process. Although not as hard, these new advanced finishes are very durable.

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We recommend the use of non abrasive cleaners. Do not use comet, dutch cleanser,or any abrasive cleaner.

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Chips and cracks are repaired after the cleaning stage of the refinishing process. Your refinisher will inform you if the chip or cracks cannot be repaired before refinishing.

10. Can a spongy, cracked tub floor be repaired?

Blackstone Refinishing can install a fiberglass inlay on the floor of your acrylic or fiberglass bathtub.

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