Find out the truth about Tub Inlays.

Check Out The Truth About Fiberglass Tub Inlays

Confusion About Tub Inlays

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Tub inlays are not to be confused with tub liners. Tub inlays cover only the flat, floor area of the tub. Blackstone tub inlays offer a permanent solution to cracked fiberglass, acrylic, and certain cultured marble tub and shower floors, even those with holes in them. No more sagging or spongy floors to worry about and no leaking tubs and showers. You can now have your tub floor repaired by having the Blackstone tub inlay, or a shower floor inlay installed on to your acrylic or fiberglass tub or shower floor, at a fraction of the cost of a renovation.

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Blackstone tub inlay on fiberglass tub floor.
Tub inlay installed in fiberglass tub.

How Are Fiberglass Tubs And Showers Made

Learn More About Fiberglass Tubs And Showers

These tubs and showers are made on a mold and can present challenges that are not visible during production. Some of these challenges manifest themselves as spider cracks, air pockets or the more technical term is called a void. They are usually found in the floor by the drain, and in the rounded areas of the tub or shower unit.

Blackstone tub inlays are a great option with acrylic and fiberglass tubs and showers that may not have enough support in the right areas of the tub floor. Even at the installation stage, in many cases, no additional support is added. Obviously, over time the floor area begins to break down, delaminate, or totally gives out. The floor may begin to crack and eventually these cracks will become large enough that the tub or shower will begin to leak. This may cause considerable water damage to the rest of the home.

Why Tub Inlays?

  • Tub inlays are not required for a small repair area. With larger fiberglass repairs, there is always the possibility that the repaired area could crack again. This in turn could become expensive and very frustrating for the customer as well the company doing the repair. More repair options.
  • Another alternative is to tear out the tub or shower. Then you are into an expensive bathroom renovation costing you $3500.00 to $10,000. You are now replacing drywall, tile, floor coverings possible plumbing issues, paint. The list could go on depending on the bathroom. Discover more:

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