Learn more about the process of clawfoot tub refinishing.

Brief Clawfoot Tub History

Amazing Process.

Clawfoot tub refinishing has become very popular again in recent years, both in the renovation and the new home industry. Cast iron claw tubs have been around since the nineteenth century. They were manufactured on a mold and the cast iron was then spun on to the rotating mold at great speed. This process made for a very heavy tub and an uneven surface thickness with many flaws. As time went on, newer and lighter metals were used in the bathtub manufacturing industry for convenience and ease of installation, many clawfoot tubs ended up in landfills and eventually became a bit of a rarity. In recent years, the demand for vintage clawfoot tubs has increased.

Identifying Clawfoot Tub Features

How Are They Different

Although Clawfoot tubs, commonly known as cast iron tubs, are a completely different type of bathtub simply because they are off the floor on feet. But refinishing them is similar to floor models. Because of this stand alone feature all of the plumbing is exposed in most cases. You can see the overflow pipe that is connected to the drain pipe and the water supply lines usually come out of the floor behind the tub. Because the water supply lines are visible, it is very important that you have shut off valves installed. Why? Mainly for safety. If you were ever to have a water or plumbing issues in the bathroom, it would be easier to shut the water off right in the bath than running into the basement and turn off the main water supply to your home. It also comes in handy when refinishing the tub. Remember, Blackstone Refinishing is your clawfoot tub refinishing specialist.

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing Saves You Money!

Find Out How

The price tag can be as much as $5000.00 new, for this type of bathtub. Obviously, this is where clawfoot tub refinishing becomes cost effective.

  • To purchase a good quality vintage clawfoot tub to have the interior restored is between $900.00 & $1500.00.
  • Complete, interior and exterior refinishing costs, including having the feet chrome, brass, nickel plated, or a painted finish is in the $2800.00 range, providing the interior of clawfoot tub has not been refinished at some point.
  • Prices can vary depending on the color chosen and condition of the tub.
  • Colors can be chosen the same way you would paint the walls in your home.
  • Check Out Our Tub & Tile Refinishing Option

There are price variances that come into effect when choosing your colors. Keep in mind that deep base and neutral base colors are more expensive to make and that primary colors because of the cost of tints and time to color match will increase the refinishing price.

  • Clawfoot tub refinishing is a great way to re-purpose those heavy cast iron tubs.
  • Keeping clawfoot tubs out of landfills and reducing your environmental footprint.
  • Great heat retention.
  • Clawfoot tub refinishing can save you 50 % or more on renovation costs.
  • Clawfoot tubs are always the show piece of any bathroom.
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