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In 2007 Blackstone Refinishing began installing tub- to- shower conversion systems, such as our own Blackstone Tub Step, Quik Tub Walk thru insert and the Safety Bath bathtub door insert.

To view a video of the tub door insert. Click the following link. Refinished Tub with Door Insert and Custom Safety Seat installation .

Our installation systems provide you with an affordable and safe walk-in tub, without the expense of a lengthy renovation. Blackstone Refinishing tub and shower conversion systems are very popular in seniors’ residences in the Calgary area.

We convert your existing bathtub into a shower unit by creating an opening approximately the same height as a conventional shower base without the expensive renovation costs, thereby giving easier and more comfortable access into the tub area.

Although similar to the many tub cuts and other tub conversion inserts, our tub-to-shower conversions are unique in their construction and allow for a lower drop on many bathtubs with front walls that are in some cases up to 21 inches in height. Our tub-to-shower conversions conveniently allow a four to six inch step on virtually any tub without the appearance of an insert or a costly bathroom renovation.

Once completed, our tub-to-shower conversions are aesthetically pleasing and have the look of a factory finish, along with a slip-resistant surface for added safety. Blackstone Refinishing has been installing tub-to-shower conversion systems since 2007 and have the experience, technology and the skill set to completely reverse this installation in most cases if necessary.

Safe and Affordable Tub to Shower Conversions

Tub to shower conversions are a cost effective alternative to a bathroom remodel.

As a large portion of our population becomes older there are adjustments in life that must be made. Not only is a large section of the population getting older, people are living longer in general. Though people are living longer they are still susceptible to common ailments that effect mobility. Arthritis, joint pain and back pain are just a few of the debilitating conditions that can slow a person down as they age. These conditions can make living with a conventional bathroom unsafe and difficult to use. There are ways to retrofit a home to suit your new lifestyle, but many are not within the budget of most people.

For many seniors and individuals with mobility issues and other disabilities, stepping into a tub can be pretty tricky if not impossible. Traditionally, the conventional bathtub would be replaced with a walk in tub that eliminates the need to maneuver over the tub side. The costs of these tubs are expensive, the tub needs to be purchased, new plumbing installed, connected, and depending on the installation new wall and floor materials installed.

Of course all this construction takes time and can be inconvenient and messy, but most importantly, expensive and a burden on local landfill sites.The alternative to the big construction process and in an effort to remain Eco friendly, is to simply have a tub to shower conversion system installed. These tub to shower conversions work with your existing bathtub and a door option can be added to your bathtub making it a walk in tub, at a fraction of the cost compared to expensive bathroom renovations.

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